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Developing an Application


Applies only to Mobile Apps

Generated JavaScript Code Architecture

A mobile app generates code and assets that run on the server and on the client (mobile device). At the client side, this code is JavaScript and has a specific architecture. This document explains what are the files, their roles, and the generated code for each flow element defined for an action in the Service Studio. This content is useful to know when you're debugging or checking the generated code at the client side.

Generated JavaScript Files

JavaScript Files Roles

File Description
Module Files
<ModuleName>.controller.js Global client actions of the <ModuleName> module.
<ModuleName>.entities.js SQL code to manipulate the local entities of the <ModuleName> module.
<ModuleName>.model.js Definitions for the <ModuleName> module’s local entities (including referenced entities).
<ModuleName>.languageResources.js Validation messages defined in the <ModuleName> module.
UI Flow Files
<ModuleName>.<UIFlowName>.controller.js Exception handler of the <UIFlowName> flow
Screen Files
<ModuleName>.<UIFlowName>.<ScreenName>.controller.js Contains the screen actions and screen events for the <ScreenName> screen.
<ModuleName>.<UIFlowName>.<ScreenName>.model.js Definition of <ScreenName> screen variables.
<ModuleName>.<UIFlowName>.<ScreenName>.view.js Widget rendering code.

How Are Flow Nodes Represented in JavaScript


Refresh Data

Run Client Action

Run Server Action





For Each


Raise Exception

Exception Handler

JSON Serialize

JSON Deserialize


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