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Developing an Application


Applies only to Mobile Apps

Troubleshoot Mobile Apps

You can troubleshoot issues in your mobile app using Google Chrome’s Developer Tools which provides you with a set of features to analyze what’s happening under the hood of your application and to debug the JavaScript code generated by the platform.

Check which of the following troubleshooting scenarios applies to your mobile app:

The mobile app doesn’t use native plugins
If your app doesn’t use native plugins you should try to troubleshoot the issue in your PC by using Chrome Developer Tools in the desktop browser.
Also consider this scenario if all the native plugins in the mobile app have action wrappers defined that return mock data when the plugin is not available. For more information, check the Best Practices topic on creating wrapper actions for native plugins.
The mobile app uses only supported native plugins included in OutSystems Now
To troubleshoot an issue where all native plugins used in your mobile app are supported and included in OutSystems Now, connect your device to the desktop browser and troubleshoot the issue in OutSystems Now. Check how to do it in Debugging in Your Device Connected to the Desktop Browser.
The mobile app uses third-party native plugins
If your app uses third-party plugins, you can debug your app on the device connected to the desktop browser. You will need to install the mobile app through the mobile application package generated by OutSystems and follow the procedures outlined in Debugging in Your Device Connected to the Desktop Browser.
Additionally, you can debug your apps using the mobile platform’s native tools (Android Studio for Android and Xcode for iOS) to troubleshoot situations when your app is crashing, to debug a plugin that is not working correctly or to check its native code. Before debugging using the native tools you must generate a mobile package with Debug build type.

While developing your apps, take into account the recommendations presented in the mobile app development Best Practices topic. Following these patterns and recommendations will definitely save you some troubleshooting time.

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