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Service Studio Shortcuts


Keys Description
Ctrl+C (Ctrl+Ins) Copy
Ctrl+V (Shift+Ins) Paste
Ctrl+Shift+V Paste As
Ctrl+X (Shift+Del) Cut
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+O Open module from the environment
Ctrl+Shift+O Open module from file
Ctrl+S Save or export module
Ctrl+Shift+S Save As
Ctrl+Plus Zoom in
Ctrl+Minus Zoom out
Ctrl+0 Zoom 100%
Ctrl+Space Auto-complete
Ctrl+A Select all elements
Ctrl+F4 Close module
Esc Cancel and close the current pop-up window
F1 Open documentation
F2 Rename selected element

Basic Development

Keys Description
F5 1-Click Publish
Ctrl+H Hide/show warning in TrueChange tab
Ctrl+J Enable/disable Styles Editor
Ctrl+L Refresh Aggregate's data preview
Ctrl+M Compare and Merge module with published version
Ctrl+N Create new element
Ctrl+Q Open Manage Dependencies window
Ctrl+Shift+K Open list of shortcuts
Ctrl+D Delete Extended Property

Keys Description
Alt+Left Go back
Alt+Right Go forward
Ctrl+Tab Move forward through window tabs
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Move back through window tabs
Ctrl+1 Move to the Processes tab
Ctrl+2 Move to the Interface tab
Ctrl+3 Move to the Logic tab
Ctrl+4 Move to the Data tab
Ctrl+Shift+T Open the last closed window tab
Ctrl+G Show/hide development tabs
Ctrl+W Show Widget Tree
Ctrl+Period Select the active element in the elements tree
Ctrl+Click Navigate to the target element in the Expression Editor

Keys Description
Ctrl+F Open dialog to search in the module or in the Community
Ctrl+R Open Find and Replace window
F12 Find usages of the selected element
Ctrl+F12 Find usages of the selected element in all modules
Ctrl+H Replace all text occurrences or element usages
F3 Go to next text occurrence or element usage
Shift+F3 Go to previous text occurrence or element usage
Ctrl+E Search widgets or blocks in the Toolbox

Screen Editor

Keys Description
Ctrl+B Bold
Ctrl+I Italic
Ctrl+U Underline
Ctrl+P Preview screen
Ctrl+K Link to another destination
Ctrl+Left Move Table's column left
Ctrl+Right Move Table's column right
Ctrl+Up Move Table's row up
Ctrl+Down Move Table's row down

Flow Editor

Keys Description
Ctrl+Shift+Click Select all following elements
Ctrl+D Delete Assignment row within an Assign
Ctrl+Up Move Assignment up within an Assign
Ctrl+Down Move Assignment down within an Assign


Keys Description
F6 Run and Debug in Personal Area
F7 Debug in Public Area
Shift+F6 (Shift+F7) Stop Debug
F8 Add/remove breakpoint
Ctrl+F8 Disable/enable breakpoint
F11 Step into
Shift+F11 Step out
F10 Step over
F9 Continue request
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