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Secure the Application



Persistent Login

When authenticating the end-users, you can choose to use a persistent login. After logging in for the first time in the application the end-user will not have to provide the credentials again, unless:

  • The end-user explicitly logs out;
  • The persistent login times out.

Persistent Login keeps independent sessions in different browsers. This allows end-users to have persistent login sessions for the same application in different browsers and devices.

To use a persistent login set to True the Persistent property of the Login or LoginPassword action in Service Studio. When the end-user is logged-in with the value set to True, all persistent roles are loaded with the respective grant or revoke.

When the end-user logs-out, through the Logout action, or does not access the application for 10 days, then the persistent login times out and the end-user needs to authenticate again to access the application.

The persistent login will only work if the end-user has enabled the use of cookies in the browser.

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