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Pass Data Between Screens With Input Parameters

Some screens must receive information that defines the data shown on that screen. Consider as an example a screen showing the profile of a user. This screen needs to receive information about which user to display. In OutSystems, we use Input Parameters to pass information between screens.

To pass information to a screen do the following:

  1. Right-click the screen on the Elements Tree and choose 'Add Input Parameter'.
  2. Define the name and data type of the new input parameter.
  3. Use the input parameter to define or filter the information shown on the screen.
  4. When navigating to this screen set the value of the input parameter.


In the GoOutWeb application, an application to find and review interesting places, we want to create a screen that shows the details of a place. To pass the place identifier to the screen we'll use an Input Parameter as follows:

  1. Right-click the PlaceDetails screen and select 'Add Input Parameter'. Rename the input parameter to PlaceId and make sure that the data type of the parameter is 'Place Identifier'.

  2. Add an aggregate to the screen that fetches records of the Place entity.

  3. Filter the aggregate results by the Place identifier received as input parameter.

  4. Drag the aggregate to the screen. This will create the necessary labels and expressions to display the place details.

  5. In the Home screen, open the navigation to the PlaceDetails screen associated with the list of places displayed on the screen.

  6. Select the destination MainFlow\PlaceDetails and set the argument PlaceId to the value of the Place identifier selected by the user.

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