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Delivering Mobile Apps


Applies only to Mobile Apps

Manage the Mobile Apps Service

OutSystems allows you to generate mobile application packages for iOS and Android without having to install any mobile platform SDK. To accomplish it, after a request of a new application package OutSystems calls the Mobile Apps Service, a cloud service developed by OutSystems that generates a new mobile application package.

Enable the Mobile Apps Service for an Environment

The Mobile Apps Service operation is optional. You can change its availability in the environment manager, thus allowing or avoiding the generation of new mobile application packages for that environment or specific frontend.

To enable the Mobile Apps Service for an environment:

  1. Access the Service Center of the environment (https://<environmentdomain>/ServiceCenter);
  2. Go to Administration and click on the Environment Configuration tab;
  3. Check the Enable Mobile Apps Service option.

From now on, every time there is a request of a new mobile application package this service is called.

To disable the service, uncheck the option. In this case, when new developments require a new version of the application package, the current application installed on the devices might not work properly.

Monitor the Mobile Apps Service Status

When Mobile Apps Service is enabled for an environment and some problem happens, you can check its operation status in the environment manager to detect the eventuality of the service being down (e.g. in the case when mobile apps are not being generated).

To check the status of the Mobile Apps Service:

  1. Access the Service Center of the environment (https://<environmentdomain>/ServiceCenter);
  2. Go to Monitoring and click on the Environment Health tab;
  3. In the Front-end Servers table you can see the status of the Mobile Apps Service. Click Details to see the status of the service for each mobile platform and the log of the applications currently being generated.
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