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Trusted Advisor


Trusted Advisor FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible to have Trusted Advisor?

Trusted Advisor is being developed as an internal OutSystems Services initiative and is currently with limited availability to the outside.

It may be made available to customers only in the context of a project/service delivered by OutSystems and at the discretion of Trusted Advisor's team. It is not publicly available and is not an official or supported initiative, hence no commitments are made regarding the inclusion of new features, changes or bug fixes.

To know if you are eligible or for any other questions, send us an email to

How do I access Trusted Advisor?

Go to and login with the credentials you use in your own OutSystems Platform installation.

To access Trusted Advisor, your OutSystems Platform installation must first be registered. Please check how to do it in the installation topic.

How often are recommendations updated?

By default, recommendations are updated every 4 hours, for modules that have been changed and published in that period. When installing Trusted Advisor, it is possible to set smaller/bigger intervals for recommendations to be updated.

Can I snooze or dismiss a recommendation?

To snooze a recommendation, click the Snooze icon that appears next to each finding. The snooze time period will be automatically chosen depending on the selected reason. After that time period, the recommendation will reappear. It is not possible to dismiss a recommendation.

What should I do when I believe a recommendation is wrong?

Snooze it with the "False Positive" reason and explain in the comments why you believe that specific case is wrong. The Trusted Advisor team is actively monitoring recommendations marked as "False Positive" to decide and implement corrections where needed.

How do I add a platform installation to "My Platforms"?

When you first log in to Trusted Advisor with your OutSystems account, it will try to match that account to the users of registered platform installations and, when a match is found, it associates your OutSystems account with that platform installation user account. This allows for a unified login mechanism to be used and you will be able to switch between each of the platform installations you have a user on, inside your user menu in Trusted Advisor's menu bar.

If a platform installation you have a user for is registered in Trusted Advisor and it doesn't appear in the switcher, follow these steps:

  • Go to Trusted Advisor plugin home screen in that installation's LifeTime environment (link available under More menu in LifeTime)
    • If the plugin is configured, you'll see a "Go to Trusted Advisor" button
    • Otherwise, make sure the plugin is properly configured and installation is registered in Trusted Advisor to proceed
  • Click the "Go to Trusted Advisor" button
    • You will be taken to Trusted Advisor and it will associate the user logged in LifeTime with the OutSystems account logged in Trusted Advisor. From this point on, this installation will show up in the switcher.

What kind of data is being collected in the Plugin?

The communication mechanism between Plugin and SaaS, including data collected, is detailed in the "How Trusted Advisor Works" topic.

The bottom line is that no application business data is ever collected and the data collected is the minimum required to perform analysis or allow for features of Trusted Advisor.


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