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Integrate OutSystems applications with SAP

OutSystems Platform integrates with SAP. Developers can create any kind of mobile or web application that integrates with SAP and complements it with the functionality needed.

At development time, OutSystems Platform IDE helps developers find SAP BAPIs. At runtime, OutSystems Platform monitors SAP integration and lets a developer team know about any errors or performance issues.

Faster discovery and development

With OutSystems Platform, any developer can discover and browse the available SAP functions. Finding the BAPI or ZBAPI for a specific function is simple, even with limited or no knowledge of SAP.

The visual development environment enables the setup of an SAP connection. All the validations and security settings in SAP will be inherited by the created connection.

After setting up a connection, the available BAPIs are available for browsing. The IDE provides in-place documentation about the interfaces, mapping complex SAP types to easily understood parameters.


Once a team has selected which BAPIs to consume, their definitions are available as visual elements and can be invoked as if they were any other logic implemented with OutSystems Platform. This avoids the complex code a developer would normally have to write and maintain in order to support SAP.

Debug, monitor and troubleshoot

Debugging SAP integrations is visual. This makes it easier to find the exact parameters needed to send to SAP to troubleshoot any problem.

OutSystems Platform automatically instruments all integration, so that at runtime a developer gets information about errors, and audits. It's possible to fine-tune how much information is captured, so that a developer can find those pesky, one-in-a-life-time issues. 

Performance metrics are also gathered automatically. It is possible to see if SAP integration is having a negative impact on the performance of the built apps and drill down to determine how long each SAP call takes.



OutSystems Platform SAP integration is built on top of an extensibility layer. The existing hooks can be used to change the data that OutSystems Platform sends and receives from SAP. This ensures no limitations with what OutSystems Platform offers out of the box.

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